Official 2014-15 UIL Fee Sheet

(For Band, Choir, and Orchestra to turn in with check requests)


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All Checks payable to "Region 28 UIL Music" unless otherwise noted.  Please write school and group name on entry checks.

2014-2015 Fees:

  • Marching contest $200.00
  • Area Marching Contest $300 (checks payable Area G Bill Cason)
  • Choral Solo and Ensemble $10.00 per person per event
  • Instrumental Solo & Ensemble $10.00 per person per event
  • Jr. High Choral Concert & Sight Reading $320.00 Includes recording fee
  • High School Choral Concert & Sight Reading $370.00 Includes recording Fee
  • Jr High Band Concert & Sightreading $300 per band entered
  • High School Band Concert & Sightreading $200.00 per band entered
  • Orchestra (Middle and High school) $400 per group.

General instructions about CONTEST ENTRY = Download.   Go to to enter all UIL Contests.

Click here for a RECEIPT you can print and fill out for bookkeepers. (The original receipt is always mailed to the return address on the envelope.)

*Please snail mail and e-mail a copy of your entry and your school check to Allen Clark by the listed deadline.  Please use regular mail, not certified mail.

*Director must attach a roster for each group to the Form 1*

UIL Entries mailed to:            Allen Clark, Secretary

                                              249 Rancho Viejo Blvd.

                                              Brownsville, Texas  78526

                                              Home Phone:  956 831 0420.


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